When To Use Professional Plumbing Services

There are two sides of plumbing repairs, choosing to do it yourself can help you save lots of money, learn something new, and get the satisfaction of a job well done at the end of it all. On the other side, you can mess everything up while attempting to do the repairs, turning a simple issue into a major plumbing emergency. Knowing when to handle the repairs and call a certified professional can save you lots of time and money. Some of the instances when you need to call for professional plumbing services include:

1. No Hot Water
There are instances when the hot water taps will simply run dry despite the boiler being turned. If the hot water system is already in the best condition, with the thermostats, fuses, heating elements, and circuit breakers in good shape, then chances are, there is a leak. Diagnosing the leaking point can be quite hard for an untrained eye. Calling an professional plumber can however help solve the issue easily without causing any damage.

2. Low Water Pressure
Low water pressure should be a reason for concern in the house. The low pressure in taps may indicate blockage and strain in other parts of the plumbing system, hence should be checked as soon as possible. Some of the factors that can cause low water pressure in the house include obstructions, blockage, a rusted line, poor supply-line design, and a major leak. Having the issue looking into by a certified plumber can help sort it out.

3. Frozen Pipes
A frozen pipe can be bad news to the plumbing system and the entire house. If the pipe is frozen, very little water or no water at all will be passing through. Pressure build-up on the same can cause the pipes to crack or even burst. If the pipe isn’t already cracked, you can then try thawing it using a hairdryer. The pipe’s integrity may however be compromised, one of the reasons you need to seek professional plumbing services. While thawing the pipe may be a solution, some plumbers would rather replace the section of the frozen pipe to reduce any risks involved.

4. Water Line Damage
There are times when the supply line will be extensively damaged. The only solution for this might be to have the entire line replaced. Only a certified and expert plumber will be capable of doing a good job and ensuring the same doesn’t happen to the supply line as well. Some of the reasons for extensive water line damage may be due to poor installation, freezing, or if the pipe was too exposed.

5. Sewage Line Blockage
This is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Sewage line blockage means nothing from the house will be moving, which could result in sewer backup. Some of the best plumbing companies however have industrial grade equipment and tools that make unclogging the system a breeze. Be sure to call an expert plumber to have this issue sorted out quickly.

These are some of the issues that, if not handled on time, can escalate to a plumbing emergency. Having the right person deal with this can save you lots of time, money, and frustration at the end of the day.

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