When Do You Know Your AC Needs Overhaul?

Air conditioning systems at home or in business establishments are now part of every one’s life.  It is no longer a luxury for the rich, but is now fast becoming a necessity. While it is expensive to install a new system, it is essential to know if your present air conditioning system is still functioning properly and only needs maintenance repairs or a total overhaul.  Evaluate if doing a system overhaul is still less expensive than installing a brand new system.  Here are some facts to know if your AC is due for AC system overhaul and ac service singapore .

Cool Air. Cool air produce by an air conditioning unit should be enough for a specific area where it is installed.  Amount of cool air is already computed to be sufficient to a certain area in the designed phase or before a unit is purchased. The absence of cool air or if hot air comes out from the vents, suggest problem with the unit.  It may be a clogging or damage in the compressor system.

Leakage. Another thing to consider are leaking within the system.  It is always manifested by moisture along the evaporator coils.  It is caused by dirty filters which causes it to form ice. When it evaporates, it produces leaks.  Leakage can also leave moist inside, which can also cause electrical circuit.

Smell. Air conditioner are design produce fresh cool air, to bring comfort to the people.  When it is not in good condition, it sometimes produced foul smell.  It may be due to some burning particles inside, which is very dangerous to your health.  It may also be caused by molds inside coming out from the vents, together with the air.  Smell can also be a result of something burning inside.

Sounds.  As air conditioning systems are also made for total relaxation and comfort, it is designed not to produce sound. When sound is produced, it may be a problem with the lubrication for some parts, maybe a damage bearing or problem with the belt, shifting to the other side.

When you feel that your air conditioner shows these few symptoms of damage, you will have to decide what is best to do.  You can do initial checkup, then refer it to the technicians for consultation.  They are the one’s capable to evaluate the status of your air conditioning unit.  A good Technician, can easily evaluate the status of your AC with the help of his tools and basing it through his experiences.

He should be able to give suggestions on the availability and the prices of the spare parts.

After evaluation, he should be able to determine the following:


  1. Cost difference between buying and installing a new unit and just an ACsystem overhaul of the unit.
  2. Also consider the life span of an overhauled unit compared to a brand-new unit.
  3. Availability of the parts and
  4. The time frame for the overhaul.

This will help you decide with careful consideration the financial aspect of the decision. Follow us for more air conditioner servicing.

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