Clean The Air filters of Aircon Or Use Disposable Filters – How?

Cleaning the aircon unit air filters at home should never freak you out since this just is super easy and it is the best way to keep enjoying the coolness of  your air condition unit at home for a longer time. This informative article post
will teach you how you can clean your aircon unit easily.

The air filter of your home air con system is usually located behind the vents. With an air filter, dust particles stick fast to the aircon unit. As you already experienced, when your aircon air filter is dirty will cause incapacity to reduce
the humidity of your home. So take time to clean the air con unit you have in your home.

Cleaning home air filters is applicable for those air con that has washable filters. In cleaning, you will need probably need a stool, screwdriver, brush, vacuum cleaner, and water.

The first thing to do, if the aircon unit is situated in elevated place you need your stool to reach it and open its vent. Removing the screws on the filter area before you can take the filter out to clean. And using the brush, brush the dust
or fabrics away. If possible, use a vacuum to clean the air filters thoroughly and after the dirt is removed turn over the filter and do the same to the other face. After cleaning, let it dry before putting it back on the air con unit.

As I’ve said earlier, cleaning the filters of your aircon unit is only applicable for those filters that are reusable. Others have disposable filters so if you are not sure which type of it your aircon unit has, then make a quick research on the
internet about the brand of your aircon unit so you can get information about it.

Additional Informative Topic in Cleaning Air Filters 

With regards to questions like ‘which is the best filter. Is it the washable air filters or the disposable ones? These types of air filters vary when it comes to their performance, maintenance, less impact on the environment and its price tag.The reusable air filters, the one that you can wash over and over again when it gets messy works best in it comes to filtering the dust particles. And though this type of air con filters is bit expensive than the disposable types,
you can use it for a longer time since it is made to be more durable for washing process. While disposable air filters save you from cleaning work, this is a bit costly since you need to buy air filters for your aircon unit over and  over again, until your aircon still working functioning.

Thus, the informative post is great to inform us that a washable filter for the airconditioner is super easy to clean and as well as to maintain. And while disposable filters can save you from water and cleaning task, they are just good until they get messy and that is the time you need to buy new. Keeping the AC filter clean is vital to have the AC working at its best efficiency and to maintain a dirt-free space.