7 Tips for Choosing a Ceiling Fan in Malaysia

A ceiling fan not only delivers reliable and efficient performance. It also improves the appearance of the room. A ceiling fan is used throughout the year. It can save you a lot of money because it is much cheaper to use a ceiling fan than to use an air conditioner. However, it is difficult to choose a ceiling fan.

The following are the best tips for choosing a ceiling fan Malaysia product.

1. Ceiling Type

Ceiling fans come in different styles including high, sloped or cathedral ceiling fans, low ceiling fans, and outdoor ceiling fans. Choosing the right ceiling type for your room improves air movement, which increases the effectiveness of your fan. If you are looking for an outdoor ceiling fan, choose the one resistant to humidity and damp.

2. Noise Levels

Some ceiling fans are noisy, especially the ones made of metal blades, however, these fans move more air. Ceiling fans made of timber blades are less noisy, but they do not move more air. The choice you make will depend on the location of your room. For instance, to get a good night’s sleep, choose a less noisy ceiling fan for your bedroom.

3. Ceiling Height

Ceiling fan blades are usually 7 feet off the floor, but 8 or 9 feet are usually perfect. If your ceiling is around 9 feet, you might want to choose a ceiling fan that can get close to the ceiling as possible. Hugger ceiling fans are ideal if you are looking for a fan that can get close to the ceiling.

4. Talk to an Expert

There are so many factors that can affect the performance of the ceiling, such as the shape and size of the room, pitch of the blades, the blade material, shape, motor power, and many more. If you are buying a ceiling fan for the first time, talk to an electrician because the electrician can recommend the best ceiling fan for the room you want to cool.

5. Remote Control

You can easily control modern ceiling fans with remote control. A remote control allows you to change the speed of your ceiling. Also, if your ceiling fan has a light, you can turn the light on and off using the remote control. That is why a remote-controlled ceiling fan with light is perfect for the bedroom.

6. Can It Switch Direction?

A good ceiling fan can switch directions. This helps to keep warm air circulation. In winter, the ceiling fan pushes air up and it pushes air down in the summer. That is why you need to check if the ceiling can switch directions before choosing one.

7. Room’s Dimensions

Lastly, consider the dimensions of your room. For instance, 42” ceiling is ideal for a medium-sized room, and a 52” ceiling fan is ideal for a large room because it is more likely to push enough air. The most important thing to choose a ceiling fan that can push enough air in your room.

These are the best tips for choosing a ceiling fan in Malaysia. Choosing the right ceiling fan can make your home more comfortable.

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